Guide to the Desert

We’ve been pedaling around the Outback for ten years. It's big, open, and easy to get lost, so we plan for the wild and keep most days like this. 

8AM  Meet at Paisley Adventure

Have coffee, perform bike fitting and gear checks, and talk route, conditions, and safety.

With a few pedals, the fat bike inspired confidence and felt more fun.  - Joel S

9AM  Depart

Settle into the saddle, find your pace, and take the Outback in.

10AM   Check-in

The crisp morning invited us to blast the dusty open. - Hayley D​

Break for a moment to make sure everyone is hydrated and happy.

It’s nice going at your own pace but still keeping with the group.  - John P

1PM  Midway

Stop for a snack lunch with a side of local lore.

I had no idea humans fished these ancient shores. Thanks, Paisley Caves. - Ben S

2   PM  Check-out


Recheck water and fuel levels for the final stretch back to town.


The hardest part is always saying goodbye.

- E Shackleton

(He didn't say that)

4PM  Unclip

Hit high-fives and clink cold ones for another epic ride.


*All bicycle rides into the wilderness require some level of flexibility.

Weather, conditions, sites, and the interests of guests all factor into each day’s schedule.

There’s a vibe of mystery that keeps me coming back. - Priscilla N